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Puppy Paw Saver

Puppy Paw Saver

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Designed for everyday use, these boots are like tennis shoes for dogs, with the intention to protect them from common paw injuries and extreme weather conditions. Made with a lightweight, silicone material that repels water, they offer a comfortable and flexible fit that allows for natural movement as your dog walks and runs. The wraparound design and Velcro hook ensures that the boots stay in place no matter where you go, and the non-skid sole provides plenty of traction on slippery surfaces. Get one while supplies last!

Key Benefits

  • Protects paws from from injury and elements.
  • Wide Velcro Strap makes the boots fit comfortably.
  • Non-skid soles allows for good traction on slippery surface.

S:Length 4.3cm ,Width 3.3cm

M:Length 5cm ,Width 4cm

L:Length 5.7cm ,Width 4.7cm 

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